Our Guidelines for Guests

These policies and guidelines have been developed for the safety of our guests and our facilities.  Our primary goal is for your friends and family to experience a wonderful, rural retreat and to return home safely.  Upon booking each wedding will receive a written proposal with the expected number of guests.  Should the number of your guests exceed that number by 15 or more people, we will require an "extra guests" payment of  $10 per guest to defray the costs of additional work involved in parking, set-up, take-down, and rubbish removal.  

 For events that are booked and cancelled our Refund Policy is:

~Cancellations more than 180 days prior to event will be refunded 90% of monies paid;

~Cancellations less than 180 days but more than 45 days will be refunded ½ total monies;

~Cancellations less than 45 days we will refund only the security deposit and  cleaning fees ($1400);

 No smoking, or fires of any kind, including lit candles, are allowed at any time inside any facilities at Bogle Farms.  We recommend flameless candles.  This restriction includes fireworks, or fires with the exception being  fires are encouraged in the Fireplace Pavilion.  Smoking inside any facility will result in the loss of all or a portion of your security deposit.  Sparklers may be allowed in small numbers based upon the weather conditions and specific approval on the weekend of your event.  

Parking for guests and vendors is in designated parking areas only;

All vendors not on our approved vendors list must be approved in advance and show proof of insurance naming Bogle Farms LLC as an additional insured party; Caterers, and other vendors requiring deliveries must coordinate arrival and departure times with the Farm staff  to coordinate unloading and parking;

No guest vehicles, including vendors, are allowed to be parked near the barn except for loading and unloading; 

Balloons and signs for your event are permitted but content, locations and installation should be approved in advance by Bogle Farms. The Farm provides adequate street and directional signage on property;

All events, including weddings, of 75+ guests, are required to use the services of our on-site event and wedding coordinator for the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception periods.  The scope of services and pricing for this service is provided in a separate document;

The accommodations allow for up to 20 adults, plus a reasonable amount of children, in the Garden Cottage and the 3 Sisters Cabins area.  If you have additional adults staying overnight, we will charge $25 per person, per night for these additional guests.  Once your ceremony and reception are concluded we require that music be turned down to "background" or 'lounge level" no later than 9:30.  Guests that are not in residence at Bogle Farms are expected to vacate the property no later than 10:30pm.  

For events where alcohol is served, we require a licensed bartender serving.  We require at least one bartender for every 75 guest in attendance.  We strongly recommend a large passenger van, or minibus, to shuttle people to the local hotel for guests.  The local law enforcement agencies closely monitor the area highways for drivers under the influence. Additionally, if the management or staff of Bogle Farm or the vendors believe that people are endangering themselves or others we reserve the right to limit or in rare cases, cease the serving of alcohol.  

Check-in time is 4PM pm day of arrival and check out time is 12PM on the date of departure.  Depending upon other guests, we have some flexibility in these times, but earlier check-ins or later departures require advance approval.

While music is an important part of all celebrations,   we expect that the volume  to be kept at reasonable levels at all times and to be turned down to "lounge" or "background" levels. no later than 9:30 pm.  

No signs, lights, banners or other items can be attached to any walls, ceilings or surfaces without prior approval from Bogle Farm.

Pets, guns,  or fireworks  are not allowed at any time at Bogle Farms.