1. Are the grills gas grills or charcoal?

    The grills are both gas and there is no need for charcoal.


  2. Is there internet available at the farm? 

    We do have limited internet use at the farm, because there are no providers that provide full bandwidth.  Therefore we have both data plans for use with mini-towers.  Therefore, there is internet at the Garden Cottage but only for checking emails and basic web function.  There is not the capability for streaming video or music without incurring significant additional data charges.  Parents should inform children of this fact and make certain they are not downloading movies or playing games online.


  3. What is provided in the Cottage and Cabins? 

    Each cabin has sufficient linens and towels for guests including pool towels.  Additionally we provide basic amenities such as bath soap, shampoo and conditioner in the bathrooms.  The kitchen in the Garden Cottage is fully equipped for most common cooking needs (bowls, cooking items, utensils, etc.) and some basic staple items.  The cabins have fewer items but do have microwaves, small refrigerators and sinks.  The Garden Cottage has a large refrigerator and pantry area for your use.


  4. Can we ride the horses? 

    We do not allow guests to ride the horses.


  5. Can we start a fire? 

    Yes, you can use the large stone fireplace at the pavilion for a bonfire, s’mores or just to gather around.  No other open fires are permitted at the farm.


  6. Can we bring guns and/or fireworks? 

    No guns of any type or any type of fireworks, including sparklers, are permitted at the farm.


  7. Will our children be allowed to play with the goats, chickens, donkeys and other animals?

    Depending upon the time of year and current status of the animals (pregnancy, illness) we do allow guests to pet and sometimes feed the animals under the supervision of the on-site farm manager.  Occasionally, we can allow children to collect eggs and assist with the daily feeding of the animals if guests’ request.


  8. Are there walking and biking trails? 

    Yes, we have miles of roads and trails which guests can access by walking or bikes.  We do not encourage guests to drive their cars or trucks other than in the designated, gravel roads.  The other trails and roads are not maintained for street cars and damage to your vehicle may occur.