Bogle Farm Offers Church Pews for Weddings!

Since the 12th century, Magnificent Weddings have been held with friends and family of the bride and groom sitting in long, wooden church pews.  Fast forward 900 years, many brides and grooms today want to offer their guests church pews to witness the exchange of their vows but with a twist:  pews in a field, pews under a tree, pews in a barn!

Well, Bogle Farm now offers our wonderful wedding couples wooden church pews for their wedding ceremony. 

Constructed of southern pine wood and used for thousands of worship services in a country church, these pews can create a southern, sophisticated look and feel for your special day!  These aren’t heavily carved, ‘city’ pews with songbook racks and velvet kneeling rails---but are solid, comfortable (yeah!) attractive and distressed just enough to be authentic.  So, join a tradition that stretches back for hundreds of years----consider planning your wedding at the Farm with church pew seating for your guests!

C’mon!  Have a seat.