Baby Goats Herald Spring is Coming!

Once again Vincent Van Goat has performed his Billy Goat magic with Jackie O and Florence the two female goats as both Jackie and Flo had baby goats in the past two weeks!  We knew the goats were pregnant but were surprised when three little kids were birthed so early in the year.  All of the newborns are healthy and under the protection of their fellow goat paddock mate Donut, the defender donkey, and are quickly learning to play, nurse and already looking for things to climb on. 


These goats, purebred Saanen goats originally from Switzerland, are primarily bred for milking but here at Bogle Farm are mostly for the visiting children to pet and occasionally feed.  One of the first signs of the spring season is the birth of baby goats and these new little guys remind us that it won’t be long before everything at the farm “Springs to Life”!  These little guys don’t wait but a few hours before they are running around, chasing their “milk wagon mama’s” for early nourishment.  As young male goats within just a couple of weeks they are already head-butting each other as they play and roll in the hay. 

As humans we think that all of the other animals really “need us” to survive and thrive---but au contraire!  These mama goats have no problem bringing these little guys into the world, feeding them and getting them on their way to maturity----ALL without any required intervention from us. 

Springtime isthe best reminder that before we arrived---and long after we are gone---the wildlife, massive trees, and even the tiniest plants and insects, really just need us to not mess up the wonderfully balanced world which has existed for millennia. 

This is all a remarkably humbling thought, as we welcome a new Spring Season at the Farm!