Its Time For A Wedding

What do Jaclyn & Patrick, Manuela & Jeffrey and Katie & Nathan all have in common? 

These are just a few of the couples who are getting married this year at Bogle Farm!  January is a busy month for newly engaged couples booking their wedding venue and certainly we have been overwhelmed with brides, grooms and their families visiting the Farm and choosing their favorite spot to get married.  Some brides have dreamed of a garden wedding, others want to say their vows under a decades-old tree, and others want to be married in a meadow.  We have some brides and grooms who want to be married in the new Wedding Barn which is covered yet has a panoramic view of horses, fields and meadows at the Farm. 

One the most rewarding aspects of owning the Farm is meeting and working with women and men who are planning to “tie the knot” soon.  After hours on Pinterest and other sites, they arrive brimming with ideas and dreams of their perfect day.  Usually they are anxious to defer to each other’s wishes and eager to make each other happy.  Often their family or a best friend or two joins them and it is fun to see how each bride envisions her special day in a unique way.  When the mother or dad of the bride stand together at the place where their daughter will get married---it’s a moment when more than one of us are gently wiping away a happy tear from our eyes. 

A few days ago, a recently engaged groom and his girlfriend joined us for a ride down the hill and around the pond towards the 3 Sisters Cabins area, barn and fireplace.  As we walked up towards the cabins the couple saw the pool and looked towards the barn and together said “this is exactly what we are looking for!” 

When we see couples and their families reacting this way, we can only say: 

“It’s time for a wedding!”