January 1, 2016

Welcome to the new Bogle Farm website and blog!

The original farm website was created years before the Farm became a popular destination for thousands of people from all over the US and even around the globe!  If you have been to the Farm you know that there is ALWAYS something exciting happening around here:  baby goats being born, new facilities being constructed, collecting honey from our beehives, crushing apples from our trees for applesauce or cider or simply picking blackberries in the summer sun!  If you haven’t been to the Farm yet, then there is so much to see and do! 

2015 was an exciting year for the Farm: bumper crop of apples and other fruits and berries, construction of Britney’s Wedding Barn, and the birth of our first baby goats! 

As this is written in early January, we are beginning to prune the grapes, fruit trees and begin planting seedlings for next year’s garden, Erin (as in Erin Bassett our on-site partner in all things “farm”!) has been busy over the winter months choosing varieties of flowers and veggies to plant.   Last summer we had a bumper crop of apples from which we pressed gallons of cider and applesauce so carefully pruning the multiple varieties of apple trees is a January priority. 

Brides!  January has so many new brides who were recently engaged and many of these are looking for farm venues at which to be married and several are visiting our Farm.  The Barn is now completely ready and several couples have already booked the farm to have their wedding and related ceremonies.  In the coming months we will share some pictures of these happy couples as they begin their lives together. 

In the meantime, if your family is looking for a place to spend a memorable week together consider joining us! 

There is ALWAYS something happening at the Farm!