Bogle Farm Offers Church Pews for Weddings!

Since the 12th century, Magnificent Weddings have been held with friends and family of the bride and groom sitting in long, wooden church pews.  Fast forward 900 years, many brides and grooms today want to offer their guests church pews to witness the exchange of their vows but with a twist:  pews in a field, pews under a tree, pews in a barn!

Well, Bogle Farm now offers our wonderful wedding couples wooden church pews for their wedding ceremony. 

Constructed of southern pine wood and used for thousands of worship services in a country church, these pews can create a southern, sophisticated look and feel for your special day!  These aren’t heavily carved, ‘city’ pews with songbook racks and velvet kneeling rails---but are solid, comfortable (yeah!) attractive and distressed just enough to be authentic.  So, join a tradition that stretches back for hundreds of years----consider planning your wedding at the Farm with church pew seating for your guests!

C’mon!  Have a seat. 

5 Reasons to Choose A Destination Venue for Your Wedding

Wedding Celebrations are fundamentally about The People; your best friends and family together in one place.  Increasingly, brides and grooms are choosing a destination, a specific place, where everyone can gather together and enjoy the venues and accommodations in a single location.  Why choose this option?   

1.       REDUCE THE ANXIETY.  Wedding weekends can be stressful and driving from venue to hotel then to another venue to hotel only adds to the tension and anxiety of a busy weekend. 

2.       TAKE YOUR TIME TO MAKE IT PERFECT. Many venues restrict the amount of time you have access for decorating, setting-up etc. But if you “own the entire place” for a few days, you can take your time and thoughtfully create “the look”,  exactly what you and your designers desire and not rushed to hurry-up so the next wedding party can have access. 

3.       MAXIMIZE TIME WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY.  It’s difficult to see the people you really want to spend time with during your wedding---and driving in multiple cars, to multiple places makes it even more challenging to spend time with people and not in traffic.

4.       MAKE PLANNING EASIER.  With multiple venues and hotels, the entire wedding party and all of your vendors must coordinate ‘what goes where, when’ flawlessly.  A destination wedding focuses everyone’s attention at one location and makes planning, coordination and deliveries run smoother---which makes everyone happy!

5.       SAVE THE MONEY FOR YOUR HONEYMOON.  Typically, a destination wedding weekend is less expensive than renting multiple venues for bride’s luncheons, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and accommodations.  If you can save $1000 by renting a single location---maybe you can spend that on your honeymoon!  

Baby Goats Herald Spring is Coming!

Once again Vincent Van Goat has performed his Billy Goat magic with Jackie O and Florence the two female goats as both Jackie and Flo had baby goats in the past two weeks!  We knew the goats were pregnant but were surprised when three little kids were birthed so early in the year.  All of the newborns are healthy and under the protection of their fellow goat paddock mate Donut, the defender donkey, and are quickly learning to play, nurse and already looking for things to climb on. 


These goats, purebred Saanen goats originally from Switzerland, are primarily bred for milking but here at Bogle Farm are mostly for the visiting children to pet and occasionally feed.  One of the first signs of the spring season is the birth of baby goats and these new little guys remind us that it won’t be long before everything at the farm “Springs to Life”!  These little guys don’t wait but a few hours before they are running around, chasing their “milk wagon mama’s” for early nourishment.  As young male goats within just a couple of weeks they are already head-butting each other as they play and roll in the hay. 

As humans we think that all of the other animals really “need us” to survive and thrive---but au contraire!  These mama goats have no problem bringing these little guys into the world, feeding them and getting them on their way to maturity----ALL without any required intervention from us. 

Springtime isthe best reminder that before we arrived---and long after we are gone---the wildlife, massive trees, and even the tiniest plants and insects, really just need us to not mess up the wonderfully balanced world which has existed for millennia. 

This is all a remarkably humbling thought, as we welcome a new Spring Season at the Farm! 



Its Time For A Wedding

What do Jaclyn & Patrick, Manuela & Jeffrey and Katie & Nathan all have in common? 

These are just a few of the couples who are getting married this year at Bogle Farm!  January is a busy month for newly engaged couples booking their wedding venue and certainly we have been overwhelmed with brides, grooms and their families visiting the Farm and choosing their favorite spot to get married.  Some brides have dreamed of a garden wedding, others want to say their vows under a decades-old tree, and others want to be married in a meadow.  We have some brides and grooms who want to be married in the new Wedding Barn which is covered yet has a panoramic view of horses, fields and meadows at the Farm. 

One the most rewarding aspects of owning the Farm is meeting and working with women and men who are planning to “tie the knot” soon.  After hours on Pinterest and other sites, they arrive brimming with ideas and dreams of their perfect day.  Usually they are anxious to defer to each other’s wishes and eager to make each other happy.  Often their family or a best friend or two joins them and it is fun to see how each bride envisions her special day in a unique way.  When the mother or dad of the bride stand together at the place where their daughter will get married---it’s a moment when more than one of us are gently wiping away a happy tear from our eyes. 

A few days ago, a recently engaged groom and his girlfriend joined us for a ride down the hill and around the pond towards the 3 Sisters Cabins area, barn and fireplace.  As we walked up towards the cabins the couple saw the pool and looked towards the barn and together said “this is exactly what we are looking for!” 

When we see couples and their families reacting this way, we can only say: 

“It’s time for a wedding!” 

January 1, 2016

Welcome to the new Bogle Farm website and blog!

The original farm website was created years before the Farm became a popular destination for thousands of people from all over the US and even around the globe!  If you have been to the Farm you know that there is ALWAYS something exciting happening around here:  baby goats being born, new facilities being constructed, collecting honey from our beehives, crushing apples from our trees for applesauce or cider or simply picking blackberries in the summer sun!  If you haven’t been to the Farm yet, then there is so much to see and do! 

2015 was an exciting year for the Farm: bumper crop of apples and other fruits and berries, construction of Britney’s Wedding Barn, and the birth of our first baby goats! 

As this is written in early January, we are beginning to prune the grapes, fruit trees and begin planting seedlings for next year’s garden, Erin (as in Erin Bassett our on-site partner in all things “farm”!) has been busy over the winter months choosing varieties of flowers and veggies to plant.   Last summer we had a bumper crop of apples from which we pressed gallons of cider and applesauce so carefully pruning the multiple varieties of apple trees is a January priority. 

Brides!  January has so many new brides who were recently engaged and many of these are looking for farm venues at which to be married and several are visiting our Farm.  The Barn is now completely ready and several couples have already booked the farm to have their wedding and related ceremonies.  In the coming months we will share some pictures of these happy couples as they begin their lives together. 

In the meantime, if your family is looking for a place to spend a memorable week together consider joining us! 

There is ALWAYS something happening at the Farm!