15 Remarkable Bogle Farm Experiences


1.       Walking by Wil’s pond with your daughter, who sees a swimming fish  

2.       Seeing a sunrise over the meadow in spring

3.       Teaching your son how to feed an apple to a horse

4.       Gathering fresh eggs before breakfast with your family

5.       Hiking trails with friends and spotting a red-tail hawk

6.       Building a blazing fire in the stone fireplace---for s’mores

7.       Watching your children catch their first fish

8.       Realizing that you haven’t checked email in hours

9.       Seeing your daughter’s first cannonball off the jumping rock

10.   Picking blackberries for a fresh-baked cobbler

11.   Seeing more stars at night than you have ever seen

12.   Throwing a Frisbee on the great lawn, and remembering how much fun it is

13.   Watching a dozen or so whitetail deer feeding late in the evening

14.   Playing lawn games with three generations

15.   Seeing granddad and granddaughter walking down a dirt road, hand in hand